Why Choose Camp America!
Why Camp America?
Camp America is the original camp counsellor programme, plus it’s the biggest and best known summer work experience programme in the world.
Miss NZ Winter because Camp America Camps start in May and June each year and runs for 9-12 weeks.
Not only that – we offer a Guaranteed Placement or Your Money Back.
21 Great reasons to travel with Camp America to the USA …
  • Camp America is the best known work experience programme to USA in the world… We’ve been tried and tested by thousands of Kiwis who have done it and loved it. Now it’s your turn. The camps we work with are screened – we don’t send you anywhere we don’t know.
  • 24 hour support in USA and NZ office assistance and support before you leave for your summer camp job. We make sure you get everything done so you can actually make it to camp. You get your money’s worth with our support!
  • Accommodation and food is included while at summer camp teaching kids a skill. Doesn’t sound like much do the maths on how much it would cost to stay in a hostel (even a cheap one), and eat at McDonalds for 9 weeks – plus rent a car to get around. Some camps you also get your laundry done!
  • Discounted return flights to USA and or on to London (plus great travel advice). We also offer other Overseas Options to help you find work in the UK should you want to take that path after camp via our brother site International Working Holidays.
  • Great choices of work – we work with 1000+ camps – including some of the best summer camps in USA. What does that mean for you? You can relax once your application is finished and let us do the hard work finding you your amazing summer camp placement.
  • We sponsor your legal J-1 visa… and help you through the paperwork minefield, our instructions are easy to follow – if you follow them correctly then you won’t make any mistakes.
  • We have interviewers all over New Zealand – so you don’t have to fly anywhere for your Camp America interview. A face-to-face interview is a requirement of the J1 visa. So no Skype interviews for this interview – sorry! Our interviewers support you throughout your application process because they’ve been to camp too! For more detail on the Federal Regulations on the J1 Camp Counselor Visa head to www.ecfr.gov
Not only that but you also get;
  • Full Medical Insurance and Travel Insurance for the whole time you are in USA … for no extra. We make sure you’re looked after and we work with an insurance company that actually pays out on claims and the policy is approved for you as part of the visa regulations (already).
  • Pocket money in US$ including $500US towards your flight costs.
  • 30 days before your visa starts to explore USA, and 30 days grace after your visa to travel within America after your summer camp job has finished. All included.
  • The best and most talked about CV Entry ever… (Employers can vouch for this)
  • Amazing Camp America tour discounts with Trek America and Contiki.
You get Kiwi support and much more too;
  • You’re not alone – we’ll link you up with others travelling and those going to your camp. We have a private Facebook group just for you and others heading off to Camp America.
  • Personal, friendly service from staff in NZ who have all travelled extensively. We don’t bite – promise!
  • Not to mention the friends you will make while working in a unique close-knit environment.
  • You’ll have memories which will last a lifetime (and photos)! Plus you’ll have the chance to showcase your photos on our website.
  • A great local Facebook page and Private Group to find Travel Buddies.
To make it easy for you we have;;
  • An awesome online application system where camps can hire you as soon as your application is complete. This way the best camps can find you quickly.
  • Local Interviewers all over NZ – who have been to camp (most of them more than once!) You’ll be able to personally meet with someone from Camp America who will support you through the process and answer any questions you have as well. Our interviewers are friendly and are there to help you with your application process. You’re not just a number to them.
This is how over 1000 kiwis every year have the best summer of their life teaching at Kids’ Summer Camps with Camp America every year…if you’re into sport and the outdoors, fit, healthy, and you like teaching kids new things, this could be the most rewarding cultural exchange experience you ever have!
Thanks again Vicki! You and Claire and the whole Camp America NZ team have been nothing but amazing to me and now I’m going back a 4th time! Plus my little brother has even gone to camp! So thanks again for everything you have done. Camp has been life changing for me and I could never have done it without you guys! Keep up the amazing work! James Thomson