What You Get with Camp America
We’ll get you to your summer camp job – hassle free and with some travel companions…
  • You’ll get a pre-arranged legal placement for 9-10 weeks. We have the most jobs so just relax and leave it all to us. Camp America is the best known work experience programme to USA in the world so we work with the most camps so we’ve got your placement covered! We’ve been tried and tested many times by kiwis who have done it and loved it. The 1000+ camps we work with are screened – we don’t send you anywhere we don’t know. We also take the time to meet you in person to find out about your secret hidden skills and your personality, so we can place you in the most suited camp.
  • a Legal Cultural Exchange sponsored J-1 Visa. We sponsor you to get to camp basically! Without that you can’t work at summer camp (and help you through the paperwork minefield that comes with the via application process)
  • You’ll get US$ pocket money for 9 weeks – how much depends on your age. Returning counsellors can negotiate their own pay with their camp.
  • You’ll receive extra US$200 per week for each week worked exceeding the nine-week assignment.
  • You’ll get $500US towards your flights. This is included in your Pocket Money amount. Non OT (European) Counsellors get $500US less than you.
  • We’ll help you secure your US J1 visa (valid for up to 4 months work plus one month grace period for travel). More details on the visa process. Since we sponsor you it’s really a formality but the paperwork for the visa appointment can be daunting – so we have step by step instructions.
  • An awesome online application system where camps can hire you as soon as your application is complete – our matching system will pair you up with the best camp choices for you.
“At the end of the day, I wouldn’t have been here without Camp America” The friends you meet, the lessons you learn and the kids you teach all start with Camp America” Andy Buckingham
  • You’ll get complete US medical and hospital insurance cover for your entire placement and travel time in USA! No extra to cover you for your travel time after camp. This is good insurance too – they actually pay out on claims! We’ve made sure to get you the best and a policy approved by the Visa regulators.
  • You’ll have a 30 day grace period after camp ends to travel around America plus some amazing exclusive discounts on Contiki, & Trek America tours.
  • You’ll get 24-hour emergency assistance , and support in the USA (and at home before you go!).
  • You’ll get free accommodation including 3 meals a day. Sounds like not much right? Add up 9 weeks in a hostel and eating meals at McDonalds every day – it’s worth a fair bit when you look at it like that. Plus some camps you get your laundry done too.
  • Incredible Discounted Group flights to camp from NZ. Discounted return flights to USA and or on to London (plus great travel advice)… we also offer UK packages to help you find work in the UK should you want to take that path after camp.
  • Travel costs from your designated airport to your Camp is reimbursed by your camp on arrival.
Firstly, thanks for helping me have such an awesome summer at camp. I had such a great time, and couldn’t of done it without your help. Thomas Ditchfield
  • Free Night at our Camp America Arrival Hotel in New York if New York is your designated airport
  • Free Camp America Branded collectible season T-Shirt – it’s optional if you want to tie-dye it at camp!
  • 24 hour support in USA and NZ office assistance and support (we don’t bite) before you leave for your summer camp job… We make sure you get everything done so you can actually make it to camp – on time. You get your money’s worth with our support. We’re on online chat on our website (which you’ve probably noticed already!) and on skype message plus Facebook messenger, and of course that thing that you check Facebook and Snapchat on can also call us too if you want. Oh and email of course.
  • Local Interviewers all over NZ (there’s someone close to you) – who have been to camp (most of them more than once!) – you’ll be able to meet someone from Camp America who will support you through the process and answer any questions you have as well. Our interviewers are friendly and are there to help you with your application process. You’re not just a number to them.
  • Experience – Camp America has been doing this since 1969 – we work with some of the top camps in America and we have the experience to make sure everything runs smoothly for your OE at summer camp!
  • The best CV entry you’ll have for job hunting – ever – we have had Employers vouch for this.
  • You’re not alone – we’ll link you up with others travelling and those going to your camp along the way – plus we have a great local Facebook page and Private Group to find other Kiwi Travel Buddies. We’re on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.
“I went to Camp Waldemar in Hunt Texas, it was a girls religious camp and was well known. Generations of daughters went there so it was very family orientated. my role at camp was to teach Canoeing and archery Read more…