American Summer to Canadian Winter
Camp America Summer to Canadian Winter
Does the thought of missing the snowboarding/ski season in NZ make you a little bit sad?
It’s okay you can have it back!
Our Premium job package with International Working Holidays (that’s us too!) is the perfect way to get everything organised for those doing Camp America.
What is it?
  • Pre-arranged work, accommodation assistance which usually includes or subsidies your lift passes for the season (sometimes worth over CA$1000) as well as discounted meals, beverages and other perks.
  • We also send you out a guide to get your 2 year working visa.
  • (This means you can do this programme back to back with Camp America).
How does the process work?
  • Written application along with your deposit ($398) towards the total programme fees. These will be refunded in full if your application isn’t successful. Otherwise if you are successful, you will just have the balance of $601 to pay 30 days after acceptance. 

  • Visa time – we’ll send you the guide to make sure you don’t mess it up!

  • Skype interview – discussion of possible roles to suit you & your previous experience if any (indoor or outdoor, sales or hospitality, etc.) as well as a discussion of which locations you might suit or if you have any preferences & how many hours you’re wanting to work per week. 

  • Resorts start hiring in July so your job offer will come through along with a description of any staff accommodation or other job benefits. You’ll need to keep an eye on your emails while you’re at camp – sometimes the resorts will want to have a Skype interview with you themselves.
Things to remember
  • You can specify if you have a preferred location or position in mind & talk about this at length during your Skype interview.
  • Winter season placements start in Oct/Nov/Dec until April.
  • We can do mid season placements however you do need to commit to the end of the season.
  • Camp America usually runs for about 3 months, meaning that you might have a month or two before your job placement starts. We can do placements in early September however we advise waiting until the season kicks off properly.
  • Therefore you might have some time in-between to explore Canada or another destination before starting your placement.
  • The ranch stays allow you a low cost, safe & fun way to experience Canada with actual Canadians.
Canada Ranch stays – there are two options.
Farm Stay (cowboy ranches) – you have a Skype interview after your application so we can get a sense of what experience you’re after & which ranches you’ll suit. Meals and accommodation are included. We either send you through the location and you organise your transfers to the closest bus/airport/train station and your host family collect you otherwise you can choose the transfer included option where it’s all organised by your support crew Canada and pre paid for as well as gives you accommodation in Vancouver on arrival.
Dog sledding – (learning to mush). This is a ‘get- dirty’, hands-on volunteer ranch placement in a hobby dog-racing/mushing, and Canadian farm lifestyle. Meals, accommodation and transfers included.
If you have any questions about arranging your ultimate Northern American experience just complete the form below and I’ll contact you!
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