Its A Tradition
Why they go…
American summer camps have a 140 year history. They each have their own unique atmosphere and philosophy and offer American kids 6-16 years an amazing outdoor experience in sports, arts, crafts and more.
Most camps are in the countryside and house staff and campers in cabins or platform tents.
Many are located lakeside or on rivers allowing campers to swim, water ski or sail.
Kids will head off to camp after the school year ends in May or June (depending on the state) and they do it year after year – often going to the same camp every summer. It’s the school summer break (like our Christmas holidays). It’s hard for us to believe that school age children (primary school age especially) can cope away from home for 8 weeks – but they do!

They go to camp to do and experience and learn all the things that they would never get the opportunity to do at home. Remember how boring the school holidays were after Day 2! Imagine being able to learn how to eat fire, fly off a flying trapeze,
water-ski for the first time, horse vault, swim synchronized, to make a movie, and be a D.J.! Couldn’t do that at home. The kids have to want to come to camp – so it’s a fun place for them to be – you’ll help them to have the best summer of their life (till next summer). Be careful though – those children will want you to be their counsellor next year too!
It’s so much of a tradition they often head to a camp that their parents and grandparents attended when they were kids. Vicki – Camp America