What Other Kiwis Say

Read on for a selection of testimonials and comments made by those who have actually been to Camp America!
Completely ready to go now 🙂 thanks so so much to you and Tracy for helping me out to have the best summer of my life! You guys are absolutely fantastic. Cannot thank you enough! Can’t wait to post some pictures of camp for you guys!
Nina R 😀


Being able to share experiences, challenges and adventures with a great bunch of people – lifelong memories!! – Adam – Camp Colman


I’d just like to thank you so much for making this possible for me, I never thought I’d actually get placed because I’m only 18 but you and your team have done a fantastic job and made it so easy! Thanks for all your hard work, it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed :)-
Lauren K
I didn’t know what to expect really, but my experience at camp was amazing. I believe it has changed my life. I would just like to thank Camp America for everything and all their help You guys rock!!!!! – Jaime (Thames) placed at Hayo-Went-Ha
We lived in cabins and we were situated on a lake. The kids were better than expected and we got really good food. I learnt HUNDREDS of camp songs – Natalie Hayo-Went-Ha Camp
Thank you for allowing me to have the Camp America experience. It really was one of the best suumers of my life and I would recommend Camp America to anyone. Thank you for a great experience. Camp Westmont was a lot more high class than I expected and I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. Colour War! This was the most amazing experience. Best thing though was working on a Trapeze for the summer! …
YMCA Trout Lodge Written By Simon From The Waikato,
I went to Camp Lockeslea in Minnesota – twice. It was a Girls Scout camp and we did some great things. Loved the whole experience. It was my first time overseas and Camp America looked after me really well. I recommend it to anyone. …
Written By Joy Burnett,
I can\’t say how much Camp America has changed my life. It is the most amazing experience and you make so many friends and learn so much. Travelling is the best form of education and if i could do it over and over again i would. Thank you Camp America for being an organization that provides people with the opportunity to do something amazing with their life! …
Written By Alexandra Coleman,
Summer camp is what i always wanted to do and i managed it in 2007. I went to a Jewish camp – Camp Nesher – in Pennsylvania and i had an amazing time! I am not Jewish myself but learning all about their culture was awesome and i made great friends from all over the world! I taught canoeing and was a lifeguard which meant i spent every day down by the lake and the pool in the sun. The kids are crazy and fun and i still keep in touch with people i met over in America. I travlled afterwards with friends i made and even had a mate from England come to NZ and travel round my home country with me. If you want an amazing experience and broaden your horizens camp is perfect! …
Written By Kristen Hardy,
I had wanted to go to summer camp for a very long time; I wish I had done it earlier because it was the most amazing experience I have ever had! I worked as a video specialist, which meant I got to teach the kids at camp how to use video cameras and how to do basic video editing. On top of that, I got to spend heaps of time in the sun because the video specialists were responsible for making weekly promotional videos, so I was always at the waterfront and the climbing tower etc videoing the day’s activites. I didn’t get much rest at camp, but I had sooooo much fun and that is what it’s all about. Where else can you get paid for having fun for a whole summer!!!?? The saddest thing is saying good bye to all your friends at the end. After camp, I visited Boston, New York, Washington, LA…it was awesome! You’ve got to have this experience! …
Written By Shaun Greaves,
I attended Camp Zanika Lache in WA as a lifeguard in 1993. Loved the kids, loved the beautiful countryside, Lake, the other staff and the programme….so much so I reapplied and returned EIGHT times! Camp America is awesome and an excellent experience I would recommend to EVERYONE! You are well looked after every step of the way.
Andrea Woodbury,
I found Camp America to be an experience that changed my life. Putting myself in an environment that I knew very little about turned out to be the best decision I ever made. The relationships that grew from the camping experience extend from the kids themselves, their parents and families, and co-counsellors (from around the world) which many are now amongst my best friends. I thoroughly recommend the Camp America programme to anybody with a positive attitude and who aren’t afraid to try something a little different… you’ll have the time of your life!!!”
Camp America Was An Experience That Changed My Life! Written By James Buchanan From Palmerston North,
I know that you are probably real busy at the moment, but I just wanted to take a minute or two of your time to say THANKYOU very much to you and your team in Auckland for helping to get me (and Rosie) away on our “Camp America” experience. We leave in a couple of days, and yeah I am starting to get real nervous, but I know that it is going to be an awesome time.
Thanks Vicki For All Your Help… Hayley Y,
Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help. It’s such a relief that everything has been sorted! You’ve been great, I really appreciate all you’ve done
Just Wanted To Say Thank You… Philip P,
Finally the day has come and I am leaving for camp! Hoooooray! I am really excited and can’t wait to get there! (Also a little bit nervous!) Thanks very much for your help and assistance during the last 4 months – I really appreciate it and it has made it a lot easier for me to get things sorted out! Cheers,
Finally The Day Has Come And I Am Leaving For Camp! Written By Chantelle N,
Thanks for helping me get to America. I have really loved my summer, it was absolutely brilliant, and I really love America, and i want to come back. Anyway, thank you so much, it was fun and fantastic, and I had a ball, and i met so many cool people, and saw so many cool things. i got to take a group backpacking up at lake superior, it ruled, it was georgeous. Thank you
I Have Really Loved My Summer, It Was Absolutely Brilliant. Written By Emily R,
I leave on Monday. thanks for all of your help with everything, it has been greatly appreciated.
Thanks! Written By Faith,
The weather is nice and warm. I’m getting blacker. the kids are cool and the staff rock. Alot more friends and more contacts around the world. I’ve been doing so much. My job is the best.
Cheers … Written By Graham H,
Just a quick note to thank you for the opportunity to work at camp. It was very hard work – it was definitely a great experience and one I would recommend. Written By Stephen Gyde From Auckland,
With your help, my Son has completed an amazing time at Camp Carolina as a counsellor. He had such a great time that he is considering going back again next year. Thanks for all the help you gave him in making this amazing experience happen for him. I know he used to E-Mail you heaps for help and you always answered so quickly and efficiently and you were a tremendous help to him. Written By Cheryl (Brett’s Mum),
“As one of the Trip Leaders, I went to National Parks, mountains, rivers, lakes,and a part of the Appalachian Trail, on trips up to 5-days long. I would never have gotten to these places if travelling by myself. When at camp, took part in sailing, water skiing, canoeing,softball, soccer, tennis, archery, theatre (or theater, as they call it!),volleyball, riflery, ropes course, basketball, and campcraft. All this, and good food, (once I got around all the sweet stuff). A kiwis paradise. Oh, yes, the kids? Different religion, and socio-economic backgrounds, they were just neat kids, with all the growing-up needs that kids have. Curious, and questioning, but very accepting, (and loud,demanding, and very “to the point” statements. The camp director had high expectations on his staff, with all the paperwork and reports asked for, but the more effort put in, the more I got out of the experience. Would I do it again? You bet!” Written By Graham From Tauranga,
“This summer i went to Camp Saginaw not knowing who or what to expect, I got there and will never forget the summer I had. You meet so many people, all the counsellors and kids are just what makes camp more fun. The friends you make, and go on your days off with, makes it even more enjoyable. I will never forget my time at camp saginaw and will so be going back next year and suggest everyone thinking about it JUST DO IT!!!” Written By Amanda R.,
“After finishing 7th form, I did not want to go straight to uni but had no idea what I wanted to do till I discovered Camp America. After reading up about it I convinced my parents that this is how I wanted to spend my summer holidays. 2 months later I was on my way to Camp and really did not know exactly what I had got myself into until I got there. As time flew by at camp it was nearly time to depart and I would be saying good bye to all the new friends that id made from around the world. This is got to be one of the biggest highlight’s in my life. I had such an awesome time and would recommend it to everyone to do. It makes you see things in a different way and also points out to you your strengths and weeknesses and how you can cope in a stressful environment. I thank Vicki and the Camp America team for giving me this fantastic opportunity to participate in this programme because it has giving me the chance to find out what kind of person I really am as an individual”. Written By Tararta R From Wellington, Camp Tommy, NY.,
It was so much fun, I learnt a lot and i had a blast. Going to Camp Menzies showed me alot about other people and I learnt alot about myself. I made so many friends that i will never forget.” By Erin M.,
I went to camp Ladore In June and I came home in November after travelling for 10 weeks. It was so awesome. the Camp was so the best with meeting lots of people from overseas, the camp was great, I made lots of memories and would so recommend it to everyone. It’s neat because Camp America covers you with medical insurance for how ever long you stay in the states. It’s awesome too because in the states they have free refills of Dr Pepper. If you ever go to America, Dr Pepper is the best drink. You Camp America guys are awesome and thanks so much for the best summer of my life, the encouragement and everything else you guys do. You rock!! Written By Hannah K From Tauranga Went To Camp Ladore In PA,
“The most amazing experience of my life, the time just flew by. I meet lots of interesting people. it was great fun”. Written By Theo D,
Which is ironic considering America would have been the last country in the world I would have visited if it weren’t for camp. I went to camp to challenge myself in something I hadn’t done before. At camp I learnt so much, not just about how to take care of kids, but how to do it while being their friend and helping them to challenge themselves also, how to work 22 hours a day yet still find it the most rewarding work possible, about how to make the best friends with the best people that will last. I can honestly say without a doubt that this was the best summer of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Thank you Camp America for making this happen and giving me this amazing opportunity. Written By Levi B.,