Camp Directors Recruitment Fair

Book, Turn Up, Get Hired
Camp America Camp Directors Fair

Get Placed on the Day – Choice of 25 Camps!

Camp Directors fly from America to hire Kiwis. You could be one of them. Last year nearly everyone who attended got placed.

25 Camps are here in Auckland to Hire Kiwis! One Day Only!

We Make It Easy!
  • Apply before January 7th to be a VIP on the day and meet the Camps first, or apply in person on the day then see camps.
  • Research the camps – do your homework. It’s your chance to decide between 27 camps.
  • Meet the Camps from America here in Auckland Wednesday January 15th 2020 – make a great impression
  • You could walk away with a camp placement on the day – sorted!
Camp America Camp Directors Recruitment Fair

Spencer and Byron Hotel - Takapuna, Auckland

Hiring from 12-4pm
If you have not applied to Camp America before January 7th – you can apply on the day and then see the camps after an information session and paying your application fee.
  • See if the camps coming are searching for someone like you
  • Book your spot
  • Otherwise – apply online as normal and many other camps will have the chance to hire you!
Camp Directors love hiring Kiwi staff and they want to meet you to find out how awesome you are!
Camp America is bringing some of our favourite American Camp Directors to Auckland (from America) for one day only. Each year Camps come to New Zealand to hire awesome Kiwis like you.
They like to hand pick in person their specialist counselor roles like watersports, tennis, golf, soccer, horse riding, waterskiing, wakeboarding, trip leaders, and lifeguards. If you make a good impression and you have the skills they are looking for – you’ll likely be offered a position on the spot.
These are some of the best camps in America, and we know them well enough now to know what they look for, so we can help you decide if it’s worth a trip to Auckland if you live miles away.
Easy Steps to the Camp Directors Fair
  • Apply online if you haven’t already
  • Have your local interview by Jan 7th if you haven’t already – or just rock up on the day to apply
  • Book your fair appointment and tell us which camps you’re keen on meeting
  • Show up on the day and make a good impression
  • Hopefully walk away with a cool summer camp job sorted – then just relax and enjoy the rest of the Kiwi summer
If your skills don’t match what the Camp Directors are looking for – don’t worry – we work with 1000+ other screened camps – one of which will be perfect for you.
Which Camps?
  • Check out the camps attending this year.
Getting there from out of town – Camp America Airport Shuttle
We have a Camp America Shuttle leaving Auckland Airport at 10am & one at 10:10am on January 16th to the venue – and returning you to the airport by 6pm. Book your flights around these times and you can hitch a ride on the Camp America Directors Fair Shuttle! ($20 return). Book The Bus.
I was first in line on the day and I managed to get to the camp I wanted to see the most first! I was hired too which was so excited. Adam Halsey – Bay of Plenty
It’s so cool to see all the different camps here – in real life – big day but worth it. Shelby Cooper – Coatesville Auckland
I’m so glad I made the trip up to meet the camps – I got hired! Couldn’t be more stoked than I am right now!! Benjamin Ridley from Dunedin
Got to meet heaps of other kiwis going to camp as well which was awesome – even saw a couple of people I knew there! Crazy! Alicia Hartford – Hamilton
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