Getting a Visa for Camp

Getting A Visa
You need to have a valid J-1 visa to work at camp.
  • There are no general Working Holiday Visas for America.
  • We will sponsor your J1 Camp Visa for you once we have found you a placement.
  • The paperwork and the official sponsorship is generated in the US Camp America office, and sponsorship is individually approved with the US Authorities, and then the papers are sent to you with instructions for applying to the Consulate (as long as you have paid all your payments).
  • All Consulate interviews must take place in Auckland – face to face.
  • The processing time by the Consulate is generally 4 working days as long as they have no computer glitches.
  • The current Consulate Visa Fee can be found here (payable to the US Consulate) to have your visa processed. Camp America has no control over this charge.
  • The visa allows you to work at camp for up to 4 months (maximum) and then also allows you 30 days grace at the end of your visa to see USA.
  • All visas expire 30 days after the DS2019 expiry date or 31st October whichever happens FIRST.
  • You can enter the States up to 30 days before your visa start date (DS2019 start date)