Application Process

The Application Process

So what happens next?
We have outlined the application and placement process for you below – so you know where you are in the whole scheme of things.
  • Register at www.mycampamerica.com (online applications open mid-July and close in March or April)
  • Log back in once you receive your password and fill in your Application for Interview form (if you don’t get your email – and check your junk folder)
  • Make your first payment online (or pay by internet banking) so that your application can be viewed by your interviewer.
  • Select an interviewer near you – email them a quick introduction
  • Download the police check form and OT agreement and read the Terms and Conditions from our Downloads page- be sure to check the reference criteria
  • Schedule your interview online and then confirm it
  • Upload some activity photos and your portrait photo – Camps LOVE these – see our Top Photo Tips here
  • Add in your referee details (two that meet the criteria)
  • Attend your interview ensuring you take everything requested in your Interview Email (see messages in your www.mycampamerica.com page)
  • Add more detail to your application form online as discussed with your interviewer
  • Finish uploading references and photos if you have not done so already – check out our Top Photo Tips!
  • Add a video about yourself – this will dazzle the Camp Directors when they hear your Kiwi accent! Check out some application video examples on our YouTube Channel
  • Once completed your application will be submitted via cyberspace to the UK and USA offices where it will be approved and then camps will start looking at it
  • Keep checking your messages and status online
  • Once placed the details of your camp will show online
  • You will need to pay your last payment – medical insurance online
  • Complete your Medical Form (from your www.mycampamerica.com site) and upload it
  • IWH Travel will contact you regarding suggested flights – which you can change to allow for travel after camp etc
  • Check with your camp about how to get from the nearest airport (which IWH Travel will know) to camp
  • If your camp would like you to go to the Camp America Hotel in NJ make your hotel booking through your www.mycampamerica.com site after April
  • Make your visa appointment
  • Attend your visa interview
  • Fly to camp!