Don’t know if Camp America is right for you?

Camp America is not for everyone But Kiwis who have been have loved it and every year more and more kiwis return again and again

(I think the record at the moment is 7 years and counting (not pointing at anyone in particular Chris Handley!)

So I have put down the main criteria you need to meet to apply for Camp America (after that it’s your personality, photos and references that do the work)

you must be 18 by June 1st – it’s a visa reg thing
you need to be able to be a big kid yourself and have fun as well as obviously enjoy entertaining children
if you love winter in NZ then it’s bad timing – “summer” camps are in the USA summer (America is opposite to us season wise)
it’s ok if you are a bit shy – Camp America will give you so much confidence
it’s ok if you are an extrovert – there’s always a role at camp for you!
I have been to camp 3 times so I am more than happy to chat with you over Skype or Zoom or heck – even the phone, about my experience and we can figure out if this is something you’d like to do?