The Camp America Experience

Right now, I am going to give you readers a first hand insight into the experience of working as a summer camp counsellor in the United States of America.


The reason for this is because I am currently working as one, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


Some days are tough, some days are tougher, and some days make you wish you could never leave, that every season could be summer. 


This may sound crazy to all of you but the thing is, this experience is one that you have to have yourself to truly understand what I mean. I personally believe that anyone can be a camp counsellor; it’s the right attitude you need to get you through it that counts. 


I won’t lie to you, working at a summer camp is hard! Within the same hour you can be laughing your head off and then find yourself so overwhelmed with every emotion under the sun which you don’t realise you’ve been building up until it all comes out in a waterfall of tears. But the best thing is, is that you have some incredible people from all over the world to share your experience with. I have made life long friends from my first and currently second summer camp experience who I’ve been through everything and anything with. 


The connection of friendship and family within these people in the space of 8 weeks creates a stronger bond with anyone I’ve ever met in my life. These are the people that get you through the tough days and share with you the best days. And that’s something truly special that only a handful of people get to experience in their lives. 


The children can be wonderfully frustrating and frustratingly wonderful in the same day, and you often find your lives will be changed for good because of your campers, when you, in fact, expected to be the ones changing the lives of these campers. 


When you get back home, and your friendship bracelet tan lines start to fade, and the weather starts getting cooler (or warmer – shoutout to the Southern Hemisphere counsellors), and the echoing chants and songs fade to memory, your FaceTime dates with your friends don’t cut it any longer, all you want to do is crave the feeling of summer camp. Your summer home; a place that no other feeling can compare to. You have to say yes to everything while you’re still here. Make a fool of yourself, do something wild and insane, make every day count and when you have your bad days remember why you came here. 


Make the most of it. Working at a summer camp is the hardest job you will ever love.”

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If you’re keen to read more about Camp America and start planning your own adventure? We have a full-colour brochure you can download to help you get into planning mode!