We’re busy looking at your application…

We’re busy looking at your application…

Some application tips from Sarah in the office

I look at dozens of applications for Camp America everyday so get a good idea of which are the good ones and which ones need a bit more tweaking.

I’m sure a lot of you look at the online application, see all the fields that need to be completed and feel a bit jaded…but the application is the hard part, once you have completed the application it’s all down hill from there. 

I thought I’d give you a few hints incase you needed to do some more work on yours. 

Camp America Camp Types

Type of camp

Use the ‘Prefer’ choice – show your enthusiasm, a lot of applications are coming in as all ‘willing’ and/or ‘unwilling’ which is fine if you are only ‘willing’ to go to this type of camp if you have to, but if you think that you would/could enjoy a particular type of camp use ‘Prefer’, you can use it on as many camp types as you like. Check out our page on camp types and our FAQ’s pages

  1. Under Privileged camps are run either by groups like YMCA or ………… or they are Celebrity sponsored camps (this was the type of camp that I went to and some of the kids had lived lives that I will never experience, for some of them witnessing gang shootings and muggings are a common occurrence at home) – so camp is a real once in a lifetime experience for these kids.
  2. Christian or Jewish camps; you are NOT going to be converted at a religious camp, you may need to be involved in some singing – and I can tell you some of these songs have some beat to them! There may be grace said at meal times, but who now days isn’t thankful for having food on their table, its not a biggie.
  3. Girl Guide camps do need guys to help out on staff & and same with Single Sex camps – its good for them to have a mix of guys and girls on staff.
  4. I can understand the hesitation with Special Needs camps (I’m sure I put unwilling on my application) but this type of camp, if you think it is for you, will probably be the most rewarding. Plus you get paid more.

So get excited, use PREFER

  • In your skills section remember to put in details such as how often you do your skill (once a week, daily, monthly). How long have you been doing your skill for (years/months). Have you taught this skill to others, give their ages. And be specific about what you can do ie Horse Riding – can you also saddle a horse, clean tack, muck out stables, feed & water etc.
  • Try not to use negative words such as cannot, can’t, don’t, won’t, put it in a positive way if you have to – such as I can confidently swim freestyle, backstroke & breath stroke and I am working on my diving and butterfly.
  • Probably the hardest part of your application is going to be your Personal Statement. I can’t tell you what to put in here but it does need to convey your excitement and enthusiasm for going to camp and working with children…remember that you are going to be surrounded by kids so the camp directors need to know that you are going to enjoy working with children, this isn’t just a way to kill 3 months of your time getting away from the NZ winter.
  • CHECK YOUR SPELLING AND GRAMMER – you are not texting or emailing your mates! This is a job application.
  • Show your enthusiasm
  • Show your excitement
  • And don’t underestimate yourself and your skills – you know what you are confident with in your skills and whether you could teach your skill or not so make sure you get all the details down.

Have fun because that is what camp is all about.

Lastly the team here are trying to call around everyone to see how you are going and if we can help you with anything – so – ask us for advice, and make the most of the experience we have. We can’t write your application for you but we are here to give you constructive feedback if you want it.