Kiwis are modest

Kiwis are modest

Don’t miss out, don’t be modest.


Most Kiwis have to be poked and prodded before they’ll talk about themselves so a Camp America application can prove difficult for them. They don’t like to talk about themselves, rate themselves, sell themselves.


Just remember – you are up against Australians and Americans and South Africans – THEY WILL… so take advantage of the fact you have grown up near rugged bush walks, dangerous oceans and lakes, and have learnt things that you think are just normal… but to someone from another country – it may not be.

Sell yourself

Tell us and the Camp Directors everything there is to be told about every skill you have. Overnight Camping and Hiking (Tramping) are two in demand skills, and we do this growing up, at school, at scouts and guides – it becomes the norm for a kiwi to do. So you get to where you are now and think – “oh that’s nothing” – well – it isn’t nothing – it’s a FAB skill.

  • Hiking example; How far, how long, how often, what is the terrain like, did you stay overnight, did you pitch a tent, make a fire, cook food, cross rivers, help others, carry a heavy pack. Just saying you hiked on Mt Ruapehu doesn’t convey to the camps exactly how intense that is. 
  • OK – so you’ve kayaked all your life, – grab some kids (that you know  ) and teach them (with parents permission and a life jacket of course), see what it’s like to teach a skill you know inside out – it can be different. But then GUESS WHAT?
  • You’ll have teaching experience!!! 
  • Golf – we want to know your handicap. 
  • We don’t want to know what you can’t do. Don’t write – BUT I can’t do this that or the other… 
  • Referring to stuff you did at highschool is all very well but it’s continually reminding the camps how young you are – try and refer to club based experience instead. Taking a class at school and being ‘taught’ it – does NOT mean you have ‘teaching experience’. 
  • Have rock-climbing experience? Get down to your local wall and volunteer to help kids climb… 
  • There are so many ways you can gain really valuable teaching experience without it costing an arm and a leg. 
  • Have fun too. 

Moral of this blog – don’t be shy, don’t be modest – this is your once in a lifetime chance to get to Camp America.